Teacher Development Workshops

Here are some of the questions that are raised usually in workshops and the suggested answers.

1. We are already using the Pearson's coursebooks in our school. How do we introduce Phonics without changing the present system?

For example, at the nursery level the children need to learn the listening and speaking skills, develop a battery of about 200 words before we can begin teaching Phonics to them. A systematic teaching will start with developing proficiency in listening and speaking before starting with reading. The first sound 'b' is introduced at the end of nursery if the children had already become proficient in listening and speaking skills and are comfortable in using a variety of words in contexts. If not, the teaching of Phonics is postponed to the beginning of LKG class.

The Pearson's coursebooks for nursery has the letters of the alphabets, the capital letters at the beginning  and also expect the learners to read and write these letters. This is completely against the way we want to introduce phonics by using small letters and we want to introduce the sounds in a systematic manner.

Here are some of the books Pearson's has planned for the Nursery Class when the children are 2+ years old.

Seven theme books and related coursebooks

In such cases our goal is two fold.

Complete the good parts of the course.

Omit the parts that are harmful for our plan of introducing phonics in a systematic manner.

Inform the parents that we are teaching in a new way.

Request the parents not to teach the letters of the alphabet at home. Instead, they should be telling stories to the children in their first language as well as in English.

Nursery Teaching Plan

2. At the LKG level what kind of charts we can have in the class?

Have charts for individual sounds, cvc words, picture stories and cartoons.

Sample cvc chart

sample cvc chart