Phonics Board Games

Playing board games and online games is an excellent way of practising sounds of the letters and CVC words. Here one sample board game is given here. It is just an example. You can prepare similar games for your learners.

The following phonics games were based on an idea by Greta Jackson, a British expert in the teaching of reading. Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas has developed the phonics games.

The phonics games provide systematic practice based on the phonics method. While playing the games children learn to associate the letters with the sounds they stand for. Children begin to read and guess the pronunciation of words based on the sound-letter association.

Teachers can consolidate the teaching of phonics by involving the children in an enjoyable, interactive activity based on picture cards.

Each game has four boards and 24 picture cards. The picture cards are to be placed on the appropriate boards to complete the game. Children in groups of 4 or 5 can play the games. Some groups play cooperatively helping each other and some groups play competitively. Children are allowed to device their own rules to play the games.

There are four series of games, each with a different focus.

The A series focuses on the basic consonants. There are 8 games in the set and about 40 children can play the games working in groups of 5.

The B series focuses on C-V-C words. There are 4 games and about 20 children can play in groups of 5.

Set A has a letter printed in the middle of the board while set B, C and D have words printed on the boards.

The C series focuses on double vowels. There are 4 games.

The D series focuses on other digraphs and has 4 games.